16 BEST Games Like Millsberry in 2024 [Top Picks]

General Mills introduced Millsberry, an immensely popular virtual world, in 2004, marking its early entry into the social-themed gaming genre. Millsberry swiftly captivated a wide audience, drawing in millions of children, tweens, and even teenagers.

Boasting an array of shops, special events, arcades, and homes, Millsberry encompassed all the desired elements for players, providing them with countless hours of immersive gameplay. Unfortunately, the community was met with shock and sadness when Millsberry’s website was abruptly shut down in late 2010.

During its online existence, Millsberry offered a vibrant town where players could interact with other kids, personalize their homes, engage in games, amass collections, and acquire knowledge through educational content. This unique blend of entertainment, camaraderie, and learning became a recurring theme in subsequent virtual worlds, ensuring the proliferation of alternative websites akin to Millsberry.

Below, you will find a compilation of free-to-join virtual worlds resembling Millsberry, enabling you to fashion your own distinctive avatar, forge friendships with fellow players, partake in games and contests, and indulge in a diverse range of entertaining and educational activities.

Introduction to Millsberry

Introduced in 2004, Millsberry primarily caters to the younger age group, specifically those under 18 years old.

Millsberry attracts a substantial number of young gamers who appreciate its visually appealing graphics and diverse range of features.

This game shares similarities with other beloved titles such as Sims and Minecraft, offering players the opportunity to construct and design various structures.

As Millsberry is no longer actively developed, its dedicated fanbase has dispersed in search of alternative options that can provide them with comparable levels of enjoyment.

Fortunately, there is a multitude of games available in the market that resemble Millsberry in terms of gameplay and features.

Similar Games to Millsberry

Discover below some of the top games that resemble Millsberry.



Roblox is a widely known online game that grants players the ability to personalize and customize their avatars. This metaverse-like platform empowers users to create and share their own virtual worlds. With millions of active players, Roblox offers endless opportunities for exploration and creativity within its expansive game engine.

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In Herotopia, players kick off their superhero adventure by selecting a character, customizing its appearance, and assigning superpowers from the available options. As you delve into the captivating world of Herotopia, you will combat enemies, undertake thrilling missions, and embrace the true essence of being a superhero.

Herotopia offers a vibrant ecosystem that encompasses virtual exploration, engaging chats with fellow players, exciting gaming experiences, and a variety of other enjoyable activities.

Bin Weevils


Enter the world of Bin Weevils, where a multitude of insects and other fascinating creatures await. Embark on your journey by selecting a unique avatar, allowing you to assume the form of any creature that captures your imagination.

Navigate the immersive bin world as your chosen avatar, delving into its depths and uncovering its secrets. As you explore, indulge your creativity by personalizing your nest in a myriad of ways, from the arrangement of rooms to the exterior aesthetics.

Your gameplay prowess in this Millsberry alternative holds the key to accumulating in-game wealth, known as Mulch. With boundless possibilities at your fingertips, the allure of Bin Weevils ensures an experience that remains captivating and endlessly engrossing, eliminating the risk of monotony.



Equine enthusiasts will find Horzer to be a fantastic choice. This game revolves around the training and care of horses, rewarding players based on their abilities to nurture these magnificent creatures.

To begin, you can create a free account and select from a range of twelve horse breeds. Each breed comes with its own set of stats and characteristics, allowing you to make an informed decision. You can further personalize your horse by choosing its color and giving it a name, establishing a deep bond as your loyal pet.

Once you have your horse, gameplay unfolds with a plethora of activities centered around your equine companion. You will engage in various tasks with your horse, all while managing your finances effectively.

The virtual currency you earn within the game can be used to provide nourishment for your horse and enhance its well-being, ensuring its growth and success in the virtual realm.

Secret Builders


Secret Builders caters primarily to individuals aged between 5 and 17. It is a free game that offers an entertaining way to learn various subjects.

Players have the opportunity to explore and learn about history, as well as participate in quizzes that cover sciences, art, literature, and other disciplines. The game also includes mini-games, such as puzzles, that allow players to test their knowledge against others while playing.

Secret Builders provides a platform where learning and entertainment intersect. Through interactive quizzes and engaging mini-games, players can expand their knowledge and enjoy an educational experience without getting bored easily.

Movie Star Planet

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Movie Star Planet serves as a captivating alternative to Millsberry, immersing players in a virtual world that is accessible to everyone. In this game, players begin by selecting avatars, allowing them to experience the thrill of being a celebrity or movie star.

Available on web browsers as well as iOS and Android smartphones, Movie Star Planet offers a dynamic platform for creativity and social interaction. By creating movies and engaging with others, players can increase their popularity and gain recognition.

This fame is accompanied by a virtual currency called StarCoins, which can be earned and used to acquire costumes, unlock upgrades, and produce higher-quality movies.



Dogzer, much like Horzer, offers a captivating virtual experience with a focus on our beloved canine companions. As one might expect, Dogzer revolves around dogs, recognizing their status as the most popular and cherished pets worldwide.

The core concept of the game remains similar to Horzer, with the primary difference being the inclusion of dogs instead of horses.

Players have the opportunity to select from a diverse range of over 50 dog breeds and personalize them in various ways, including giving them unique names. From smaller breeds to larger ones, Dogzer provides a wide array of options to cater to individual preferences.


fantage 1

Fantage provides visually impressive graphics, and the level of customization available for characters is exceptional. The game begins by granting you a simple house that can be modified in various ways, allowing for personalization according to your preferences. As you delve into the world of Fantage, you will discover a plethora of captivating mini-games to engage with.

By achieving success in each game, you have the opportunity to earn in-game currency known as Stars. These Stars can be utilized to enhance the visual appeal of your home or to acquire items for your beloved pets. The gameplay commences with a basic dwelling that can be adorned and modified according to your desires. 

As you venture into the vast realm of Fantage, brimming with countless mini-games, each triumph grants you rewards in the form of Stars, which can be used to further embellish your abode and indulge in purchasing items for your pets.

Moshi Monsters

moshi monsters

Moshi Monsters is a game that revolves around adorable and small creatures known as monsters. Upon creating your avatar, you have the opportunity to adopt a pet of your choice, which can be customized based on its species (such as penguin or alligator) and other features, resulting in a unique virtual pet.

As you embark on your journey, you can explore the vibrant island of Moshi, encountering other players, engaging in games, and discovering various activities. Playing games within Moshi Monsters allows you to earn coins, the in-app currency referred to as Rox.

These Rox can be utilized to unlock new areas within the game or to decorate your virtual home, providing a personalized touch to your experience. By accumulating Rox through gameplay, you can enhance your progress and expand your virtual world.


geoguessr game

GeoGuesser is an online game where players are presented with decontextualized street views and must guess the corresponding locations.

To play, users mark their guesses on a map and earn points based on the accuracy of their guesses. With a staggering 13 million possible locations available, players are presented with a wide range of challenges. The most popular map option encompasses the entire world and has been played an impressive 75 million times.

GeoGuesser follows a “freemium” model, offering additional features to Pro users. Pro users have the ability to create their own maps, focusing on specific countries or regions.

They also enjoy an ad-free experience and unlimited gameplay. The introduction of the Battle Royale mode, exclusively available to Pro players, has gained significant popularity, particularly among streamers.



Neopets, launched in 1999, may be considered an older game, but it maintains a timeless appeal. Despite its age, Neopets manages to retain a fresh and modern look. In this game, players are tasked with overseeing the activities of their own unique creatures.

Regular updates to the game ensure a continuous sense of improvement, captivating and retaining the interest of its audience. Neopets invites players to embark on a journey to the imaginative world of Neopia, where they can adopt and care for their very own Neopets. Along the way, players encounter a variety of challenges that test their skills and determination.

One notable feature of Neopets is the ability to customize your creatures in numerous ways, allowing you to select their physical attributes and other unique characteristics. Moreover, Neopets distinguishes itself by enabling players to adopt up to four pets, offering a similar experience to games like Kiropets, where players could also adopt multiple pets simultaneously.


ss homepage1

SuperSecret stands out as another well-liked alternative to Millsberry. Similar to Millsberry, SuperSecret offers a world of exploration, inviting players to embark on thrilling quests and solve intriguing mysteries.

The gameplay of SuperSecret revolves around four main activities:

  • Pets: Players have the opportunity to adopt and care for virtual pets, adding an element of companionship and responsibility to the game.
  • Socializing: Interacting with other players is a key aspect of SuperSecret, allowing users to forge friendships, join communities, and engage in various social activities.
  • Gaming: Engaging in a diverse range of games within the SuperSecret world adds excitement and challenges for players to enjoy.
  • Shopping: Among the core activities, shopping emerges as a particularly popular feature. Like in modern metaverse experiences, players can indulge in shopping sprees to enhance their virtual fashion and showcase their personal style.

For those less inclined towards shopping, the option of adopting pets provides an attractive alternative activity within the SuperSecret universe.


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Habbo allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can interact with others using personalized avatars. Within this virtual realm, users have the freedom to engage in a variety of activities, including chatting, room decoration, and exploring various destinations such as beaches and restaurants. Moreover, Habbo provides a platform for building communities and connecting with like-minded individuals.

In Habbo, many items can only be acquired through the game’s in-game currency called Credits. Players can earn Credits by participating in different games or engaging in trading with fellow users. Additionally, there is an option to purchase Credits using real money, providing a convenient way to enhance the gaming experience.

Animal Jam

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Animal Jam is a visually appealing game that stands out with its unique selection of animals not commonly found in other games. This child-friendly game primarily revolves around caring for animals, making it a great choice for younger players.

Players have the opportunity to select from a diverse range of animal species, each possessing their own distinct abilities and personalities.

In Animal Jam, the in-game currency is diamonds, which can be earned by completing quests or selling collected items. These diamonds can then be used to purchase a variety of clothing and accessories to customize your character.

One notable aspect of the game is its focus on educational content, particularly in the realm of environmental causes and conservation. Through Animal Jam, players are encouraged to learn about important environmental issues, promoting awareness and understanding.


Main Capsule (1)

Poptropica, much like Millsberry, provides an engaging and captivating gaming experience tailored to children and teenagers. It is particularly popular among the age group of 5 to 16.

In Poptropica, players find themselves on a tropical island, where they can embark on quests and explore their surroundings to earn in-game currency and collect various items.

The game offers extensive customization options, allowing players to personalize their characters with different hairstyles, shirts, pants, and shoes. This customization feature adds a unique touch to each player’s virtual persona.

Poptropica offers an immersive and exciting virtual world where children and teenagers can embark on thrilling quests, customize their characters, and discover new islands while earning rewards.


woozworld (1)

Woozworld primarily caters to teenagers, providing them with a virtual world where they can socialize and engage in exploration. However, it can also be enjoyed by adults.

The avatars in Woozworld are designed with a younger demographic in mind, featuring characteristics that appeal to younger audiences, such as large heads, big eyes, and small bodies.

Upon starting the game, you have the opportunity to create your own house and embark on virtual adventures alongside other players. For a more enhanced experience, you can opt for a premium membership, which grants access to additional worlds and provides the game’s virtual currency.

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