30 Best Fmovies Proxy Sites & Alternatives In 2024

FMovies was a popular online streaming platform that provided free access to movies and TV shows, as well as other online videos. It was recognized for offering a broad selection of the latest movies and TV shows, while also providing fast loading speeds due to its robust servers. The quality of both the audio and video was also impressive, contributing to the overall user experience.

However, the year 2020 marked a significant setback for FMovies, as it lost control of its primary domain, FMovies.se, which was based in Sweden. As a result, attempting to access this domain now leads to a site that displays ads.fmovies instead.

The unavailability of FMovies in several countries is due to copyright violation issues, resulting in many users being unable to use the site. If you’re having difficulty finding FMovies in your region, it’s probable that the site has also been banned in your locality.

Fortunately, you can still access FMovies through its primary domain, FMovies.to. In addition to this, there are also other proxy sites that have been listed in this guide that can be used to access Fmovies. Utilizing FMovies proxy and mirror sites is one of the most effective ways to unblock FMovies and gain access to its vast collection of entertainment content.

In Which Countries Are Fmovies Blocked?

The US government has designated FMovies as a Notorious online Market, leading to the site being blocked in numerous countries such as Australia, Denmark, and India.

Should You Use Fmovies?

Sites such as FMovies, Pirates Bay, Rarbg, Extratorrent, and Tamilrockers are not safe to use. These websites operate illegally, and downloading any content from them can expose you to hidden malware or viruses. As piracy sites do not use HTTPS protocol, they cannot be trusted to be safe for users. Accessing these sites can potentially infect your device with a malware.

It is strongly advised to avoid using these websites, regardless of whether you are browsing or downloading their content. It is also crucial to ensure that your device has reliable antivirus software before visiting any piracy sites.

How to Unblock Fmovies Websites?

tv movies

Numerous users are looking for a way to unblock FMovies, which have been blocked in many countries. In this guide, we will outline several methods that can be used to unblock FMovies and even download its content. Let’s explore these methods in detail below.

Using FMovies Mirror and Proxy Sites

Despite the FMovies main domain being blocked, the site’s employees and volunteers have continued to operate several mirror and proxy sites, allowing users to access free movies. By using a mirror or proxy site, users can access the same content that was previously available on the old domain.

Here Is A Comprehensive List Of Unblock And Proxy Sites

No. FMovies Proxy and Unblock Website List Status Speed
1. Fmovies.co Online Very Fast
2. WW2.fmovies.cab Online Very Fast
3. Fmovie.sc Online Very Fast
4. Ffmovies.sc Online Very Fast
5. Fmovies.wtf Online Fast
6. Fmovies.cafe Online Fast
7. Fmovies.coffee Online Slow
8. Fmovies.taxi Online Fast
9. Fmovies.love Online Fast
10. Fmovies.world Online Slow
11. Fmovies.top Online Very Fast
12. Ffmovies.cc Online Fast
13. Ww5.fmovie.cc Online Fast
14. Fmovies.bar Online Very Fast
15. Fmovies.cc Online Fast
16. Fmovies.to Online Fast
17. Fmovies.media Online Slow
18. Fmovies.pub Online Fast
29. fmovies.solar Online Slow


Using TOR Browser

To access blocked FMovies websites, one popular method is using the TOR browser. This browser is specifically designed to hide your device’s real IP address and allow you to access blocked content online, while keeping your activities private from your ISP.

To use the TOR browser, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the official Tor Project website at https://www.torproject.org/download/.
  • Download the TOR browser by clicking on the appropriate download link.
  • Install the browser by clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts.
  • Open the TOR browser and use its search bar to search for the blocked FMovies website and unblock it.

Using VPN

If you are familiar with VPNs, you may already know their advantages. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure server that provides safe access to the internet. When you use a VPN, your IP location is changed, so your ISP cannot detect your actual location. Moreover, if FMovies blocked where you live, a VPN can help to change your location and access the site.

Here’s how to use a VPN:

  • Download a reputable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, or Cyber Ghost VPN.
  • Install the VPN software on your device by clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts.
  • After signing up, enable the “Kill or Network Lock” switch and connect to the VPN server of a P2P country.
  • Now click on the “Connect” button.
  • Once the connection is established, try using the blocked FMovies domain or any of its proxy or mirror sites that were previously inaccessible.

Public DNS Servers

your local DNS server could also be blocking Fmovies. To resolve this issue, you can change your DNS with a public DNS by following these steps:

  • On your computer, open the control panel and select the ‘Network and Internet’.
  • Locate and select the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option found in the left-hand pane.
  • Right-click on your network and select ‘Properties’ from the menu that appears.
  • Navigate to the properties of the Network Connection and choose ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’.
  • Right-click on it and select ‘Properties’.
  • After selecting the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ option in the Network Connection’s properties, you can proceed by selecting the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ option. In this section, you can enter the public DNS server address of your choice into the ‘Preferred DNS server’ and ‘Alternate DNS server’ fields. By doing so, you can unblock FMovies and access its content from your device.
DNS Servers Name Preferred Alternate
Google DNS
Open DNS
Norton DNS
DNS Advantage
DNS resolvers


Top 7 Fmovies Alternatives

There are several mirror and proxy sites of FMovies available at the moment, but there’s no certainty that they will continue to work in the future. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of alternative options for entertainment. Here are some other popular streaming platforms you can use:


IOMovies is a top-notch online streaming site that is expected to continue thriving in 2023. Its modern and user-friendly design makes for an unparalleled streaming experience. On its homepage, you can easily find movies, complete with their rating and relevant metadata.


CineBloom is a viable alternative to enjoy a variety of TV shows and Movies online. However, the site is inundated with frustrating advertisements, making it a little difficult to click on a link without being bombarded with pop-up windows showcasing inappropriate content, web services, or links to streaming sites. It’s recommended to enable your ad-blocker to avoid the annoyance of the excessive ads.


RainierLand is a popular streaming site that provides a range of TV shows and Movies. Its content is highly regarded and the homepage features many trending and new movies, ensuring that newly released movies are automatically added. However, the site’s limitation is that the content is not categorized effectively, which can make it challenging to find specific content.


SolarMovie is a great choice to watch unblocked movies online, as it has a huge movie genre collection. You can find an updated list of popular movies and TV shows on the website. In addition, the website offers an HTML5 video player that allows you to load external subtitles, and even download content to your device. 


DeepMovie provides its users with a user-friendly interface for searching and streaming movies and TV shows. The site’s extensive collection of content is arranged into categories based on genres such as comedy, drama, animation, history, family, romance, documentary, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, crime, thriller, war, and western, providing a wide range of options for viewers to choose from.


123Movies is among the most effective FMovies proxy websites, providing a tidy design and an extensive collection of TV shows and movies, all hosted on fast servers. As with other streaming sites, 123Movies does not host any content through its servers. Instead, third-party content providers host their content on the site. 


PutLocked is a streaming site that may not have the best interface but offers great content. While the modern design may have ruined the organized look of the videos, you can still enjoy your favorite shows and movies in full screen. The site also offers numerous mirrors for some movies, giving you a huge variety of links to pick from, which is always a plus.

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