Snapchat Symbols: Meaning of All Snapchat Icons and Emojis

Snapchat stands as a widely embraced messaging platform, distinct in its emphasis on concise expression. This uniqueness is rooted in the utilization of visuals, brief video clips, and creative filters to convey thoughts and emotions.

Notably, snaps undergo an automatic deletion after a span of 24 hours, fostering an air of spontaneity. The interface is adorned with a plethora of symbols and emoticons, designed to aid users in their communication. Should the assortment of vibrant hearts, symbols, and emoticons appear perplexing, I am poised to provide a clear and uncomplicated elucidation.

Let’s embark on our journey by delving into the realm of emojis.



When it comes to your friends on Snapchat, you’ve got your trusty friend list with all their names neatly lined up. But there’s a little something extra โ€“ emojis โ€“ right next to their names. These emojis actually reveal something pretty cool about your relationship with each of them.

Alright, let’s kick things off by talking about the first emoji:

Gold Heart(๐Ÿ’›):

So, when you see a golden heart next to someone’s name, that means you two are each other’s number one besties.

Yep, you’ve shared a ton of snaps back and forth, more than with anyone else. Sure, you might have other best friends too, but this special Snapchat heart emoji is like your BFF badge. It’s all about those super close connections!

Red Heart(๐Ÿ’–):

When you spot that fiery red heart next to a friend’s name, it’s a clear sign that you two have held the coveted position of #1 Best Friends for a solid two weeks. That’s a meaningful stretch of close connection!

Pink Heart(๐Ÿ’—):

Now, let’s talk about that charming pink heart. If it’s gracing your friend’s name, it’s shouting out to the world that you two have rocked the #1 Best Friends status for a steady two months. Yep, you’ve been each other’s top buddies for a pretty impressive stretch of time!

Happy Face(๐Ÿ™‚):

Alright, here’s the scoop on that cheerful smiling face. When you spy this emoji, it’s a sign that you and your buddy are besties, but not quite rocking the #1 Best Friends status. This means you’ve got room for up to eight amazing best friends.

So, when you’re exchanging snaps and messages galore with eight fantastic pals, you’ll see those sunny smiles right next to their names. It’s like a friendly badge of honor!

Grimace Face(๐Ÿ˜‰):

Now, let’s dive into the tale of the grimacing face. If this quirky expression is winking at you, it’s got a special message. It’s saying, “Hey, you and your friend are messaging the same person a ton!” Plus, you’re also in the elite league of #1 Best Friends. It’s like a double whammy of close connections and shared chats.

Cool Shades Faces(๐Ÿ˜Ž):

So, when you spot those shades-wearing emojis, it’s like a little nod to a shared bestie. You and another friend both have a close buddy in common, forging a connection through that mutual pal.

Sly Grin Emoji(๐Ÿ˜):

Now, let’s give a wink to the smirk emoji. This sly character pops up right next to a friend’s name when you’re their bestie, but they aren’t your top pick.

It’s the way Snapchat says, “Hey, this friend is sending you a bunch of snaps, but the feeling’s not quite mutual.” It’s all about who’s snapping the most without an equal flow in return.

Pink Hearts Emoji(๐Ÿ’•):

When those adorable pink hearts grace your screen, they’re not just any hearts โ€“ they’re the epitome of friendship. This is the symbol that shouts out, “Yep, we’re the real deal, true-blue BFFs!” It’s a testament to your strong connection, backed by a consistent exchange of snaps that’s been going strong for over two months. That’s some serious camaraderie right there.

Fire/Hot Symbol(๐Ÿ”ฅ):

Now, let’s talk about the fire symbol โ€“ it’s like a beacon for your snap streak. It’s a little digital flame that signals you and your friend are on a snap-exchanging roll, sending snaps back and forth within a 24-hour window, and you’ve kept this fiery streak burning for over two days straight.

Remember, this flame counts for snaps only, not for chats. It’s a testament to your snap-game dedication!

Hourglass Symbol(โŒ›):

When you see that hourglass symbol, it’s like a little reminder that your snap streak is on the verge of fading away. It’s a heads-up that if you want to keep that streak alive, it’s time to send a snap to your friend. Keep that snap exchange rolling to prevent the hourglass from emptying out!

Baby Symbol(๐Ÿ‘ถ):

Now, let’s talk about the cute baby symbol. This adorable icon lets you know that you and the other person have just become friends on Snapchat. It’s like a digital handshake, signaling the start of your budding Snapchat connection.

Birthday Cake Emoji(๐ŸŽ‚):

When you see that charming birthday cake emoji nestled next to a friend’s name, it’s a signal that it’s their special day! Yep, they’re celebrating their birthday, and that cake is there to add a touch of festivity to their Snapchat presence.

Custom Emojis:

Now, if the default emojis just don’t tickle your fancy, you’re in luck. You can actually switch things up and set your own preferred emojis. Here’s how you do it:

  • Tap your profile icon on the top left corner to open up your profile.
  • Then, give a gentle tap on the gear icon situated on the top right corner โ€“ that’ll whisk you away to your Settings.
  • Now, go ahead and tap on “Friend Emojis.” Here’s where the magic happens!
  • Take a moment to click through your friends’ statuses, and for each one, pick out a custom emoji that resonates with you.

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Purple Boxes Mystery:

Now, let’s uncover the secret behind those intriguing purple boxes next to your pals’ names. If your friends have shared their birthdays within Snapchat, these boxes transform into zodiac signs, all dressed in purple attire.ย 

The appearance of these signs is slightly influenced by the system you’re using, and there might be a few days of overlap. If the birthday details slipped your mind, these handy icons are here to jog your memory. Oh, and don’t forget โ€“ that birthday cake emoji might just join the purple party too!

Symbols and Icons:

Let’s talk about those icons and what their colors are trying to tell us. We’ll start with the arrows and the open icons.

Arrows in Action:

Red Arrows:

  • Imagine a solid red arrow next to your snap โ€“ that means no audio in your snap, just a visual message.
  • Now, if the red arrow isn’t completely filled, it’s telling you that your friend has checked out your snap.

Purple Arrows:

  • Now, think about a full purple arrow โ€“ it’s like a musical note, indicating your snap has audio.
  • When the purple arrow isn’t fully filled, your friend has heard the audio in your snap.

Blue Arrows:

  • When you see a solid blue arrow, that means your chat has been successfully sent to the receiver. It’s on its way!
  • Now, a blue arrow that isn’t filled in? That’s a little heads-up โ€“ your friend has opened the chat. They’ve got your message loud and clear.

Grey Arrows:

  • Those grey arrows? They’re like subtle hints. If you’ve sent a snap and see grey arrows, it means the person you sent it to hasn’t accepted your friend request yet. It’s like a gentle “we’re not quite connected yet” sign.

Green Arrows:

  • Lastly, the vibrant green arrows. They’re the sign of a successful money transfer. If you’ve sent cash to your friend through Snapchat, those green arrows mean the transaction has landed in their pocket.

Viewed and received icons:

These are square and chat symbols.

Red Square icon(๐ŸŸฅ):

  • If the Square box is filled with red color, you have received a snap without audio.
  • The square box gets empty when you open or views the snap without audio you have received.

Purple square icon(๐ŸŸช):

  • If the square boxes filled with purple color, you have received a snap that contains audio.
  • The square box gets empty when you open or views the snap with audio you have received.

Blue chat icon(๐ŸŸฆ):

  • If the square box is filled with blue color, it means that you have received a text message or a chat.
  • The square box gets empty when you open or reads the text message.

Gray Chat Icon(โฌ›):

  • When you see a gray chat icon, it’s like a little waiting game. The chat or snap you’ve sent hasn’t been opened by the receiver yet, and it’s far from being expired. It’s like a message hanging in the air.

Read Double Arrows:

  • Now, let’s talk about those double-arrow symbols. They’re like a snapshot moment. If you spot these next to your snap, it’s telling you someone has taken a screenshot of your snap โ€“ and it’s without audio.

Purple Double Arrows:

Blue Screenshot Icon:

  • When you see a blue screenshot icon, it’s a signal. Somebody took a screenshot of the chat you sent. It’s like capturing a moment in your conversation.

Replay Symbols:

  • Lastly, let’s unravel those replay symbols. They’re like a little encore. When someone replays your snap, these symbols appear. Remember, you get one replay per 24 hours, and if you want more, you can buy them.

Replay and Story Icons:

Let’s break down these replay and story symbols, making it all crystal clear.

Read Replay Icons:

When you spot this icon, it’s like a replay alert โ€“ someone has played your snap again.

Purple Replay Icon:

And when the replay icon turns purple, that’s a sign of a replayed snap with audio.

Simplifying the Basics:

  • Read โ€“ a snap without audio.
  • Purple โ€“ a snap with audio.
  • Blue โ€“ a chat message.
  • Grey โ€“ either pending or expired message, or a friend request that’s not accepted.

Story Icons:

Now, onto the story icons. When you share a photo or video on your story, it’s like a mini show for your friends.

But here’s the cool part: you can also have private stories. If you see a lock icon, it’s like your story’s on lockdown โ€“ it’s only for a select few to see, without contributing to the views.

Multiperson Story Icon:

When you see the multiperson icon, think exclusive club. It’s your way of sharing a story with a special group of friends who can both view and add to it.

Ghost Symbol (๐Ÿ‘ป):

The iconic Snapchat ghost logo โ€“ you’ll find it right on your camera’s home screen. Just a tap, and you’re off to your profile and settings. It’s like your portal to personalization.

Trophies Symbol(๐Ÿ†):

Now, onto the trophies symbol โ€“ spotted on your profile screen. A simple tap on this icon whisks you away to the trophy screen, revealing your Snapchat achievements.

Settings Symbol:

Look up to the upper right corner of your profile screen, and there’s the settings symbol, like a guide to your Snapchat preferences. Give it a tap, and you’re exploring the settings realm.

Three Rings Symbol:

In the new Snapchat version, there’s a trio of rings tucked into the lower right corner. A quick tap takes you directly to the story section. And if you’re feeling swanky, a left swipe across the screen grants you access to more stories.

Blue Chat Symbol:

Behold the blue chat symbol, a fresh feature in the recent Snapchat update. Nestled in the lower left corner, a right swipe unveils your inbox โ€“ it’s like your direct chat gateway.

Verified Account Emoji:

Ever seen that emoji next to a username? It’s Snapchat’s badge of honor โ€“ verification. Think celebs like Arnold Schwarzenegger rocking a flexing bicep or Ariana Grande with her crescent moon. It’s the stamp of authenticity.

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