Galaxy S11 May Feature 108MP Camera and 5X Optical Zoom

Get ready to welcome another Galaxy smartphone in the family with features like 108 Megapixel camera and 5 times better optical zoom. Let us tell you the details.

Tech sources are claiming that Samsung is planning to adopt Quad camera setup in its new flagship smartphone – Galaxy S11. The camera quality is expected of 108 Megapixels and the Telephoto lens of 5X zoom. Samsung now seems in the mood to give a tough competition to its core competitors – Apple & Google. So, Samsung could be a strong contender in the race of the best camera smartphone.

The camera module of Galaxy 11 is taken from its component division, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which already started the production back in May this year. Huawei P30 Pro and Oppo Reno have used the same camera module. FYI, the main camera sensor of 108 MP is also Samsung’s native quad camera setup. Xiaomi is also launching a 108 Megapixels camera in Mi Mix Alpha in its upcoming futuristic smartphone. However, Samsung will be the first having pixel count, capturing photos of 12032 X 9024 dimensions and around 42 MB in size.

If compare to Samsung’s other premier models, the Isocell Bright HMX sensor is double in the size as that of Pixel 3XL. It’s around 40% lesser than that sensor of Sony RX 107 point-and-shoot camera. For grouping the pixels, it makes use of tetra cell technology to bring together the pixels in order to produce an image of 27 MP. 

Huawei P30 Pro has a 1/1.7 inch 40 MP sensor which is a bit smaller than this Samsung’s 1/1.33 inch Sensor. Even iPhone 11 Pro Max has a ½.55 inch 12 MP sensor. These sensors are made by Sony.

Back in August this year, Samsung had given some hint saying that the company is working on developing a camera sensor able to click 108 MP image. So, the camera module and lens are developed by the Samsung Electro-Mechanics unit and are possibly going to see in the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11. The best part is, the new camera module has a 5 mm thin profile which will not extend beyond the phone surface. For improving focal lengths, Samsung adds OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

The Korean publication, The Elec, claims that Galaxy S11 will be the first of its kind in Samsung having 5X optical zoom. This phone is expected to be launch early in the next year. However, all these are just anticipations and nothing has still confirmed officially by any of Samsung’s spokespersons. 

So, all the tech geeks out there wait and watch for this exciting Camera advancement made in Samsung devices. The idea of Samsung to mark a difference with its high-end point-and-shoot camera will stand out among the rest of the top of the line models. So far, Huawei, Oppo, Apple, and Samsung are competing in the cell phone battle. Let’s see for the move of Sony if it doesn’t stay quiet.


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