15 Safe ROM Sites to Play Old Classic Games

We have all enjoyed the use of ROMs at some point in our lives. No, we are not talking about the ROMs we use on our mobile phones, though those are amazing as well! We are referring to the gaming ROMs that make an old game compatible with your operating systems.

Aren’t these ROMs an amazing offering whereby you can live the good old days of gaming? They remove the need for you to find a compatible console or hardware for the game to run. So we decide to create a list of 15 websites from where you can download the best gaming ROMs and save yourself from any risk.

15 Best Safe ROM Websites

Rom Hustler

This is one of the oldest websites with ROM offerings. It has a very extensive selection of ROMs as well. Simply search for the console or hardware specifications you require the ROM for, and this website will have an answer for you. Added, you can use the customer ratings and reviews to guide you on the efficiency of the ROMs you would download.

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Retrosic does retro consoles the best. In case you are online searching for a ROM for any retro game to transport you to childhood, Retrosic is the place to go. Featuring extensive lists of games and direct downloads, this website has got your back in your need for gaming. Just log in, navigate to the required console and start playing. The website also functions as an emulator.

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Unlike the previous service on the list, Gamulator targets and is made for new generation ROMs. It also provides an exhaustive list of games that are periodically updated. There is a high certainty that any game that has been released can be found on this website. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the website is easy to navigate and use.

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This is another website offering free ROMs for you to utilize. Use the platform to play the game directly. This website also features the option to play backups on your mobile devices or your desktops. The site is easy to navigate will plenty of features for you to take advantage of and have a fun gaming experience.

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ROMsmania works to give you the best download experience of them all. The website is not blocked and therefore runs in most countries. This is a safe site offering a wide list of emulators and ROMs for download.

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Cool ROM

Cool ROM is a highly user-friendly and safe website to access in your quest for emulators and ROMs. The download speeds offered are amazing and you can start playing your game within minutes. The best part of this website is that it also posts several screenshots of every game so it is easier for you to identify and get a feel for the game before you download.

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ROMs World

Another website that delivers the best options when it comes to emulators and ROMs is ROMs World. It offers both retroes as well as new game ROMs, therefore, making it the perfect site to visit no matter what you are searching for. The site offers a rich ad-free experience coupled with a friendly user interface that makes this a definite on many people’s lists.

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The Eye

This website is not like the others. The Eye is actually a website used to archive content. This makes it a site of incredible value for old emulators and ROMs. Its library hosts close to 60 consoles making it an ideal site to use when searching for ROMs.

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This website is a bit different than the others on this list. This ROM site is made exclusively for games focussed around and supported by CDs and DVDs. The website features an effective search mechanism and an easy interface. It also provides you with details of the game, including the date of release, genre, and region of the ROM file.

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The service offered by this website is great in terms of the ROMs and emulators. It features more than 30 emulators and is functional on any old version of the operating system. The ROMs from this website can be made use of without having to download thereby saving you time and space on your device.

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Emulator Zone

Like the name suggests, it is the place to head to if you are in search of emulators. It hosts an extensive selection of emulators and offers much more functionality in the form of ROMs, emulators, download links, updates, ratings, discussions and so much more. The service has been around for a while which has made it a go-to website for all things emulator-related.

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The website started off to host emulators for free downloads. However, over time, the service has expanded to include ROMs, games, guides, ISO files, and even video game music files. The website is slick and quick to interact with making it one of the trusted domains to access. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best alternatives to the very famous Vimm’s Lair.

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Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair is one of the oldest and the most trusted host of emulators and ROMs. It has been around hosting classic game emulators for a long while and stands strong against new competition. For old-school retro games, this website is the first recommendation. It only gives the feel of an old website because underneath, it runs really smoothly in offering you various filters and search options.

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Classic Game ROMs

Again, as the title suggests, this website hosts ROMs for most of the famous classic games. Atari, Sony, SEGA, Nintendo are some of its ROM offerings. The website is designed to be clean and efficient in being functional, which makes the users return to this service more.

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NitroBlog is another up and coming ROM host site. It is a safe platform for downloading emulators and ROMs for many of the famous titles available today. The download links are provided by content-host sites such as Mediafire and Mega.

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