12 Best Movie-Making Apps You Must Use

In recent years people have shown tremendous interest in movie making. It was a tough job before various apps were introduced that have made it a bit easy. These apps are a great platform for movie maker enthusiasts to get their learning journey started if they are interested in pursuing a future in it. Or else they can just do it as a hobby or for fun as movie making is true quite an interesting thing.

In this article, we will discuss the 12 best movie making apps that we have come across.

1. VideoShow 

Youtube video editing apps 7

This app is a good platform for people who are into vlogs and video editing. It acts as an all-purpose app as it has customizable texts, sounds, music files, etc., that you can add accordingly. Apart from that, it also provides post-processing, beauty effects, and FX effects that help in giving the best output while movie-making.

Also, you can decorate your vlog or movie with various filters, stickers, frames, etc that are available in this app. This app also has professional editing tools so give a finishing touch to your videos. It is one of the best movies for making apps available.

Download (Android|iOS)

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2. ALIVE Inc

best movie making apps with audio

For making stunning videos for your YouTube and Instagram feed, this is the best app available. It has a user-friendly interface and is also free of cost. This app has a quick record, mix, and option to share on social media that makes it social-media friendly. It’s easy to slide and edit here and add effects with a tap.

The best features of this app include its customizable sample and pre-loaded filters that you can edit to fit your video. Also, it provides timeline editing functionality that gives more flexibility to the users.

Download (Android|iOS)

3. Film Maker Pro – free movie editor 

movie making apps for kids

Many features in this app justify its name. It is a great option for making a movie with cinematic effects. You can trim, split & duplicate the videos with ease. Also, it has a cut option that allows you better editing.

There is also the availability of high-quality filters that allow good mixing. It has good UI so that users can easily understand and use this app. There are various animations and illustrations also available here that help in producing a versatile output.

Download (Android|iOS)

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4. Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor

indian video editing app

Whether you want to make a movie or edit a video, this is a great choice for either of those things. It has cutting edge functions that make for a wonderful user experience. It has many pre-installed filters, color effects, patterns, etc., that help in easy editing.

This app also has other tools such as retouching, beauty effects, cut, paste, move, compress, collage, and others that together make this an enjoyable experience. You can also share the finished product with your followers/friends on your social media feed with ease.

Download (Android)

5. PowerDirector

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This app has the best features of a video editing app available that makes it one of the best ones available for users. Its customizable background and various effects & templates add to the user’s convenience while making movies or editing videos.

Other features include voice-over, audio redo functionality, after effects, and also slow-fast motion video editing for cinematic effects. It can be easily shared on various social media.

Download (Android|iOS)

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6. YouCut 

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There are several ready to use features in this app that makes it extremely convenient for the users. Apart from pre-installed templates, frames, filters, FX effects, it also offers professional-grade productivity.

There are other features such as multifunctional video splitting, slicing, faster sound file integration, and video aspect ratio customization that help in making better movies. Also, there are multiple options present for the conversion and compression of your movie/video clips.

Download (Android|iOS)

7. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

movie making apps for free

This app provides professional-grade tools for a photo, video, and music editing. With various customizable themes and templates present in this app, you can DU

There are other advanced options too for video integration and sharing. In addition to this, you can make use of adjustable text, patterns, and backgrounds for your comfort. This app also allows easy sharing of videos/movies on social media.

Download (Android|iOS)

8. DU recorder

YouCut movie making app

This app offers a high-quality screen recording experience to its users. It has customizable formats and different resolutions that the users can use to make quality movies. It comes with professional-grade video editing tools to give the users the best experience.

There are easy soundtrack mixing and customizable FX effects that make the video overall better. This is a good app for sharing on social video and also processable live stream integration.

Download (Android|iOS)

9. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

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This is a great app for editing and creating videos on a smartphone. It offers versatility by providing multiple layers of integration and easy background effects. There is an instant preview option too. Apart from that, there are customizable FX effects, layouts, texts, frames, etc.

This app has made sharing videos with people quite easy on social media. It also has a professional-grade function to provide better effects to your video.

Download (Android|iOS)

10. VivaVideo

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This app has been quite popular among social media enthusiasts. It is user-friendly and thus has been easy to get into. This app has several transition effects that you can use to make your video look great. Apart from that, it also supports 4k video files, so quality isn’t compromised here.

It allows combining more video clips and you can also add songs, pictures, and other effects available in this app.

Download (Android|iOS)

11. InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

best movie making apps for iphone

This app provides an active video trimmer and cutter for its users. In addition to this, there are several other features such as prepared layouts and icons, a video splitter, unique filters, and also an easy video converter.

User can easily share their video on social media via this app, no matter the platform. It has a specific format for every platform that has made it simple for the users.

Download (Android|iOS)

12. AndroVid – Video Editor, Video Maker

Android Video Editor Apps

There are trimming tools in this app that helps you in cutting out parts that you don’t require in your video. Also, with several layouts, transition effects, frames of different patterns, etc., you can make an amazing video.

Also, you can combine multiple video clips and make one out of them. This is helpful if you have shot small videos. You can use 4K, ultra HD, video files so that the quality of the video isn’t compromised.

Download (Android)


These moviemaking apps have been of great help to people who are in vlogs and like combining all of their captured videos/shots and make one single product of it. You can see what works for you the best and should try it by downloading it from the relevant app store on your device.

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