20 Best Audio Editing Apps for Beginners

We all love to hear music. A perfect song can bring down our stress suddenly and cheer up the mood. These days we can get all the desired songs on the internet. Sometimes we just want to edit some songs to make ringtones or to combine multiple songs. You can perform all these tasks on your smartphone using these audio editing apps.

20 Best Audio Editing Apps

Here are the 20 best applications for editing music files on your smartphones.


This app helps you to cut a portion of your audio. Now you can convert your favorite song into ringtone easily. Once you will edit the songs, you can use those as alarm tunes and notification tones also. You can download ZeoRing from here.

Audio Editor

You can change the extension of your audio files on this application. The cutting tool can trim the audio. Anyone can convert a song into a perfect ringtone on Audio Editor. Put a click here and download this outstanding app on the Android platform.

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Edjing Mix

Do you have a hidden talent of making the dance floor swing, this system can help you with that. It is designed with inputs from professional DJs. So download Edjing Mix and bring out the inner DJ inside you.

Recorder Plus

With this specific application, you can record your voice along with editing songs. Recorder Plus is exclusively available on the iOS app store. USB and Bluetooth are also supported on this app. Get Recorder plus from here and enjoy editing music.

MP3 Cutter

This app enables you to cut the audio file forward and also backward. You can also listen to the cutting portion before finalize. MP3 Cutter has an extensive user-friendly interface. Click here to download the application on your Android device.


You can edit songs smartly on this app. The equalizer has 3 bands to vary the audio effects. The pitch of the audio can also be shifted here. Karaoke facility is also available in this application. Get AudioDroid now and start audio editing smoothly.

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Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter And Ringtone Maker

Are you fond of remixes? then this is the perfect place for you. You can easily mix two or more songs on this app. The MP3 files can be converted into other formats like AAC, WAV, M4A, etc. Download this fantastic application from here.

Lexis Audio Editor

This app can help you out to edit a music clip professionally. You can insert silence in the song and also fade in or out of the transitions. It is a very good solution for the beginner editors. Click here to get Lexis Audio Editor.

Handy Audio Editor

You can find this app on the app store of iOS. It has a small size of 24MB. You can cut, trim and also join your preferred tracks. This app has a good number of positive reviews. You can download the Handy Audio Editor on this link.

Auphonic Edit

If you are willing to drop your videos on social media, then Auphonic Edit is a must for you. It will guide you to the masterly edits. Get the application downloaded from here.

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PocketBand permits you to create your music. There are different types of instruments listed on this app. You will have 12 mixing effects along with a master toolkit. Click here to download PocketBand and learn audio editing skills.

Walk Band

It has several musical instruments digitally on this application. A large number of music enthusiasts use Walk Band. You can record your creation and share it on the internet. Editing options are also available on this particular app. You can click here to get Walk Band on your device.

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio  

This app is packed with a fantastic technology that enables you to have flawless editing. It has both FX packs 1 and 2. The SoundFont is also available on the interface. Click here to download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.

Music Editor

This application supports almost all the audio layouts. You can convert the audio into any of these formats after editing. The Music Editor has a very good rendering speed. The premium version of the app has no advertisements. You can download the Music Editor from this link.

Voice PRO

If you want an effective solution to remove the background noise from your voice over, it is the ultimate application. You can also include background music in the audio. You can visit here to download Voice PRO.

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It offers several features like cutting, pasting, cropping an audio file. This app can record a voice and transform it into another file format. You can also play audio in reverse. Download AudioLab today and enter the world of audio editing.


A terrific app perfectly designed for editing music files with ease. This app has an auto pitch effect in the system. You can export the edited clips in multiple formats. There is an amplitude meter also. Get the WaveEditor app from here.

Music Maker Jam

If you are a fan of mash-ups, you can use Music Maker Jam to cut and join more than one music file together. This app also has many sample music clips. Click here to get Music Maker Jam downloaded on your smartphone.


It has a lot of features like pitch modification, stretching of time, compressing audio, etc. You can also upload files in any format and edit as you wish. Get TwistedWave from here and try a hand on audio editing.


In this application, you will be able to work with several tracks together. Then you can mix them to create your own music. Several major technical attributes are included in the app. They are pitch blending, grain synthesis, noise grating, etc. You can download Hokusai from here.

These are the 20 admirable audio editing applications that can help you in making extraordinary music.

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