How To Play Music From Spotify Or Pandora On Discord?

Discord is one of the best VoIP platforms used by gamers. But did you know you can play music on discord? All you have to do is create your own voice channel and connect to any song you want.

You can just say ‘!play despacito’ into any chat and the bot will start playing the song from Pandora or Spotify. All you will need to do is link your Discord account to your Spotify account, and then everything should work. Here’s how you can play music from Spotify on discord.

How To Connect Spotify To Discord

  • On your PC or Laptop, open Spotify on Chrome, and sign in with your account.
  • Now open another tab and launch Discord Web.
  • Now sign in your account with your credentials.
  • Now go to Connections in the Settings tab.

discord spotify connection

  • You will then be able to see a list of different Accounts you can link, on the right.

discord spotify link

  • Now click on the Spotify logo, it will open a new Tab.
  • Click on Agree, if you are already logged in.

Now that you’ve linked your Spotify account to Discord, the app will auto-populate in your Connections.

You can choose what you want to share and what you don’t want to see by selecting the appropriate option. You can choose what to share, such as sharing your status or creating a playlist on Spotify that you want others on Discord to see.

Clicking the “X” icon on the right-hand side of your Spotify profile will delete it. Now you know how to link your Spotify account with your Discord account and play music from Spotify directly in different Discord channels.

How To Play Music From Spotify On Discord?

Spotify and Discord will now work together! With the integration, you can easily play music from your Discord account in any private or public chat, without the need for any special command. The best part? All your friends can enjoy music with you, even if they don’t have a Spotify account. They just need to be on your friend list on Discord.

You can see what your friends are listening to by moving your cursor over their profile. You’ll be able to listen along or share your music with them. The same goes for other streaming services, as long as they are supported by Discord. All you have to do is link your account and it will automatically display on your status.

Another way to play music in Discord is by using the Rythm Bot. It comes with many useful commands, such as the ability to pause or change music. You can set up a playlist and run it on your voice channel with no problem.

With a simple !play command, you can choose a song from Spotify and play it for everyone in your group. If you don’t want that much power, you can simply share what you’re listening to actively through Discord instead.

How To Add A Music Bot On Discord?

Adding a Music Bot on Discord is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. To create a new server, click on the + symbol, in the Discord Section.
  2. Just set your region and name the server.
  3. Now go to the desired Bot Website and select “Invite”.
  4. Click on Add Button.
  5. Go back to your Discord account.
  6. Now all you have to do is choose a server for your music bot and clear the Test for Verification.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Music On Discord

Discord allows you to play music in a few different ways. Streaming your audio straight from YouTube or Soundcloud is one of the most common and easy ways.

This method is perfect for people who want to play music while they’re playing games like Fortnite, as they can stream their game’s audio directly through their discord server. This is probably the easiest way, and it’s worth checking out!

Another way of playing music in Discord is to use the app itself. To do this, go to your settings and click on “Media.” From there, select “Play Music”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Connect Discord To Spotify?

By connecting, users can listen to each other’s music simultaneously, invite their friends to listen to what they’re listening to, and even activate Spotify playlists from a server.

What Do I Need To Play Music In Discord?

In order to play music on Discord, you’ll need a computer, a microphone that picks up your voice, and a headset with a microphone. You also need an account on Discord and some songs to listen to while you talk. That’s it! Playing music on Discord is as easy as that!

Is It Legal To Play Music Through Discord?

You can play your own music or the music of a friend in Discord as long as you do not violate copyright laws.

Is It Possible For A Bot To Play Music In A Group Or Private Chat?

In this case, it is a trickier question because your goal determines what you should do. There are bots that can be used to facilitate the play of music in a group or private call—but you need to work hard if you want a bot to give you music without you asking.

How To Play Music In Discord With Hydra?

As you may know, Hydra is a Discord music bot. However, one of its features is that instead of playing videos from YouTube, it will play songs from your local library. You just need Hydra installed on your computer first, and then you need to upload your music.

How To Invite Someone To Listen To Spotify On Discord?

Discord makes it easy to invite friends! Click on your friend’s profile picture in your Friends list and select Invite to listen together. Choose a song from your library, or play your own playlist. Then boom! You can now listen together. Free accounts and premium subscribers, both can use this feature.


The above article discusses how to connect Pandora and Spotify to Discord. But if for some reason you don’t understand the process and would like our guidance, feel free to contact us anytime we’ll be happy to help.

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