5 Ways To Read Unsent Messages on Instagram

In today’s tech-savvy world, social media has become a part & parcel of our lives. Instagram has become such a popular & engaging social media site that people can’t live without it. 

However, sometimes you may send some messages in a rush or without careful consideration, thus leading to unnecessary disappointment and embarrassment.

Messages can also be sent to the wrong person by mistake or you may find yourself making silly typos. In such a situation, you may find the need to unsent messages on the app.

Thanks to Instagram, users are able to delete messages even after they have been sent. But what happens if you receive an unsent Instagram message? Would it be possible to retrieve and view the message? Nowadays, it is essential to know how social media platforms work to avoid getting into trouble.

When an Instagram direct message is unsent by the sender, it is automatically removed from both the sender’s and the receiver’s chat boxes as soon as it has been unsent. It is also worth mentioning that there is no recovery option for deleted messages on Instagram, so you will not be able to just restore them.

So, here we will talk about a few ways that can help you recover the deleted messages on Instagram & quench your curiosity:

Recover Messages From Instagram Server

read unsent messages instagram

Suppose a person has unsent a message, you must have noticed that the message will be removed from both your chat box as well as the senders. But, surprisingly it is not permanently deleted. This unsent message will be stored on Instagram’s servers.

You can get back your months-old messages and see what was deleted by requesting Instagram to recover your data.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and click on the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the page to open the menu.
  • Then you need to tap on the “Your activity” option.
  • If you scroll down you will find an option “Download your information.” Select it.

download instagram data

  • Now, type your email address where you would like your data to be sent & tap on the “Request Download option.”
  • After this, you will get two options – HTML or JSON. Select any one option. This will be the choice of format in which the data will be emailed to you.
  • Click on ‘Next’ & enter your Instagram account password and click on Request download.
  • You must note that Instagram takes around 14-30 days to collect all your data & send you a file in your email.
  • Next, you may require an unzipping tool to open the file & see all the conversations you have had earlier, including the unsent ones.

Save Push Notification

You must have noticed that a push notification will be sent to you whenever you receive an Instagram direct message, and within the notification, you will find the contents of the message. 

Hence, if you are quick & alert enough, you might be able to read the message through the notification before it has been unsent by the sender.

Now, the problem is that when the message is unsent by the sender, the push notification also becomes unavailable. Also, people are not always sitting with their phones in hand to read every incoming notification & message, resulting in overlooking the DM altogether before it is unsent.

So, we must find better ways to save these notifications securely that will help us know what the sender has originally sent.

With technology going haywire, there’s an app that lets you keep a copy of all notifications, including Instagram DMs. Sounds interesting right? 

NotiSave is a notification log app that works magic by saving all the notifications & messages in its archives. 


Therefore, even if the sender deletes the message after sending it to you or you somehow remove the notification, you can relax in peace because you can read it anytime from this app’s archives.

Link Email Address to Instagram DM

If you have been using Instagram, you know that you don’t get any alerts or messages in your email address for any DM sent to you on the app.

Nevertheless, there are various third-party apps that you can install to have an email sent to you for the DMs you receive on the social media platform.

AiGrow is one such app that can help you automate numerous tasks on Instagram. You need to just link the app to the social media platform & then you will be forwarded any new direct messages to your inbox as an email notification. The best part is that you can even reply to those messages directly from your email.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to get started:

  • You need to create an AiGrow account and link your Instagram account to it.
  • Then, select the “Automation” option on AirGrow, and turn on the “Email Notifications.”
  • Allow the option for “Direct Messages” & you are good to go.

Any new direct message sent to you on Instagram will be forwarded to your email as well. So, even if the sender unsent the message, you will be able to recover it from your email.

Recover Messages From Connected Facebook Accounts

In any case, if you have linked your Facebook account with your Instagram earlier, this may be helpful in such a situation as you can find all your messages backed up in your Facebook Messenger.

You need to go to the Facebook messenger app & tap on the specific person’s conversation. There you will be able to find all your Instagram messages as well, even the ones unsent by the sender.

Take Screenshots

Taking screenshots of anything might not be the most ideal solution but can come in handy in certain situations. If you ever sense that a message can be unsent by a user, then you can quickly take a screenshot of the message & save it in your gallery for future purposes.

However, if the sender has unsent the message before you have seen it, then unfortunately this method won’t work.

Also, if there are too many messages that you want to save then taking so many screenshots might be a pain.


To sum it up, downloading a third-party app seems like the best & most reliable way to recover any unsent messages. While you can always go for downloading data directly from Instagram servers, this may require a little bit of work & it is a time-consuming affair.


What is the time limit to unsent a message on Instagram?

There is no limit to when you can delete any direct messages on Instagram. You can choose to unsent it anytime.

Will the sender know that I have read their unsent message?

When the sender chooses to unsent any message, then the message disappears from both the sender’s & your chat box. Thus, there’s no way for the sender to know if you have read their unsent messages by following any of the above-mentioned methods.


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