12 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Play

In 2013, GeoGuessr emerged as a popular game challenging your geography knowledge. If you’re a fan of educational games, this one might be on your radar. Initially free, it transitioned to a premium model in 2019 due to increased prices for Google’s Maps API.

While many game developers switched to alternatives like OpenStreetMap after the cost hike, GeoGuessr stuck with Google’s mapping services, now behind a premium paywall. For those seeking free alternatives, here’s a list of 12 engaging geography-based trivia games similar to GeoGuessr that you can explore.

Discovering Free GeoGuessr Alternatives for 2022

This article highlights 12 fantastic free alternatives to GeoGuessr that you can enjoy on your computer or mobile device. Much like GeoGuessr, these games challenge your geography knowledge. The best part? They’re either entirely free or have a free version with slightly fewer features. Without any more delay, let’s explore this list of GeoGuessr-like games.

City Guesser

1 City Guesser body (1)

If you’re on the lookout for an excellent free substitute for GeoGuessr, City Guesser has got you covered. This browser game offers an engaging experience similar to GeoGuessr but with a twist—it uses videos instead of the Google Maps API. City Guesser provides a full-screen video of random global locations, making the experience immersive. 

The game is not only free to play but also user-friendly. Just hit the ‘Start Guessing’ button, and the map appears when you’re ready. Make your guess, click ‘Guess,’ and find out how close you are to the actual location. City Guesser even has a multiplayer mode for friendly competition with friends. Get started by creating a private room or joining a public one.

Whether you want global diversity or focus on a specific country, continent, or region, City Guesser has you covered. Options range from the US and Japan to France, Russia, and India. Explore categories like major cities, bustling places, coastal cities, capitals, snowy landscapes, and more.


2. PlayGeography body (1)

As the name suggests, PlayGeography is another geography-based game akin to GeoGuessr. Developed by TeachMe, known for family-oriented educational games, this offering is a fantastic way to delve into world geography.

Unlike GeoGuessr, it doesn’t use 3D maps or videos like City Guesser. Instead, you work with 2D maps to guess cities, states, countries, flags, and more. Think of it as a captivating ‘map quiz’ experience, and the best part is, it’s completely free with no daily play restrictions.

PlayGeography features five game modes: country, location, flags, capitals, and states/provinces. With varying difficulty levels for each game and a timer ticking down, you can earn more points by answering quickly. It’s an engaging and educational game that adds a fun twist to learning geography.


3. Geotastic body

Geotastic stands out as an exceptional free alternative to GeoGuessr, thanks to community funding. This multiplayer geography trivia game is versatile and perfect for playing with friends and family. 

It offers various game modes, including random street views, popular landmarks, and a flag guessing mode. Additionally, there’s a country-guessing mode where you decipher the correct country using clues and hints.

While Geotastic is free, it does require an account for login and gameplay initiation. You can create a local game for single-player mode or opt for an online lobby for a multiplayer experience. Only the user who initiates the online lobby needs an account for the multiplayer option.


4. GetLost body

GetLost is another noteworthy free alternative to GeoGuessr, with a primary emphasis on the US and India. This geographic discovery game uses randomized streetside maps, offering clues and hints to help players identify the location. The game consists of five rounds, and scoring depends on the proximity of your guess to the actual Streetview location, with a maximum score of 5,000 per round.

Similar to Geotastic, GetLost requires an account creation to start playing. While lacking a multiplayer mode, its engaging single-player gameplay allows gamers to identify cities through street signs and building names. 

The game features locations worldwide, with a focus on North America and India. Notably, some locations in India may be challenging due to a lack of street signs, but those in the US are generally more straightforward.


5. Seterra body (1)

Seterra emerges as one of the finest free GeoGuessr alternatives, particularly for users keen on exploring obscure languages in 2022. This game offers enjoyable quizzes to acquaint you with countries, capital cities, flags, rivers, lakes, and notable geological features. With nine diverse game modes, Seterra provides challenges in various ways. 

Additionally, Seterra Online features a ‘voice’ function to help you master the correct pronunciation of country names, cities, and places. Boasting over 400 maps in more than 40 languages, including some relatively obscure ones, Seterra is a comprehensive and educational alternative to GeoGuessr.

Hide & Seek World

6. Hide Seek World body (1)

Dive into the exciting world of Hide & Seek World, a geography trivia game that puts a fresh spin on multiplayer fun. The game unfolds in turns, featuring one hider who selects a location worldwide, and 1-5 seekers whose mission is to guess the location using Google Street View images.

For hiders, the challenge is to choose a challenging location, as the better seekers guess, the fewer points they earn. Seekers, on the other hand, score more points for accurate guesses.

World Geography Games

7. World Geography Games body

World Geography Games brings forth entertaining and educational quiz games suitable for kids, students, adults, and seniors eager to explore the world. The quizzes cover questions about all countries, catering to those practicing for tests, seeking interactive whiteboard resources, or planning their next holiday destination.

Developers claim that the game is an excellent tool for teachers to engage students in a lively manner, whether in primary school, secondary school, homeschooling, or tutoring.


8. Zoomtastic body

Zoomtastic stands out as one of the best and most intriguing alternatives to GeoGuessr. This browser-based game offers an enjoyable way to discover various countries worldwide. The game begins by revealing a map of a random country, and players have 30 seconds to correctly guess the location as the map gradually unfolds, providing more information over time.

After 10 seconds, four possible answers appear, and you must make a choice. Each correct answer earns you 100 points, but the catch is you only have 30 seconds to answer each question. It’s a dynamic and engaging way to test and expand your knowledge of global geography.

GuessWhere Challenge

9 GuessWhere Challenge body

Step into the immersive world of GuessWhere Challenge, an engaging geo-challenge game designed for Android devices. Once you launch the game, it transports you virtually to a random location anywhere on the planet.

You’ll be greeted with a panorama and tasked with pinpointing the location on a map. The more accurate your guess, the more points you accumulate. Each session comprises five rounds set in different places, challenging you to climb to the top of the scoresheet and unlock all achievements.


10. Ducksters body (1)

On our list of top free GeoGuessr alternatives is Ducksters, a geography-based trivia and quiz game that spans regions worldwide. It covers continents, capitals, country flags, and more. Ducksters goes even further, delving into detailed information about all the US states, including state maps, capitals, and flags.

On this platform, you can engage in mapping games, crossword puzzles, word searches, and a variety of activities. Whether you prefer active online play or a printable version for classrooms or children’s parties, Ducksters offers a diverse and educational gaming experience.

Where Am I?

11 Where Am I body

Where Am I adds another layer of excitement to location-guessing games. This minimalist yet engaging game drops you into a random location anywhere in the world, armed only with a Google Streetview photo for clues.

Maneuver the photo to get a better look and then use the inset world map to pinpoint the region you believe the panoramic image represents. The app promptly reveals how close or far your guess was from the actual location, turning the guessing game into a thrilling challenge.


lizardpoint geoguessr alternative (1)

Enter the world of Lizardpoint, a fantastic alternative to GeoGuessr, offering a plethora of geography quizzes to test and enhance your knowledge. The website hosts a variety of quizzes covering countries, continents, and Earth’s geographical features.

Popular quizzes are suggested on the homepage, with options like European countries and even a quiz on the states of the USA, providing a touch of FRIENDS nostalgia.

Additionally, there’s a handy study mode offering extra information about countries and US states, making it a valuable resource for those looking to bolster their geographical knowledge. Whether you’re testing yourself or studying, Lizardpoint is a versatile and engaging platform.

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