10 Legal and Free MP3 Music Download Sites

There are still a few sites that host free music, but it’s not quite as simple to find them all. For those of you still looking for websites that let you download MP3 music in 2022, well, there might be some hope.

There are websites out there still offering free downloads and there are also websites that offer music in lossless FLAC format.

That said, in this article we’ll take a look at the best 10 free and legal sites for downloading MP3s legally for your portable media player, so you can find all the music you need when the time comes.

Best Free Websites To Download Music Legally

Below is a list of the 10 best music download websites you’ll want to know in 2022. From popular songs, artists and royalty-free music, our list includes everything you need to know.


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If you like a wide variety of music, Bandcamp is the place for you! It hosts thousands of songs in many different genres. The problem is that most of them are available only for a price. There’s one easy step to take – just enter “0” under the price when you’re on the buy button. The free download will appear immediately.

Now Click on “download to your computer” and make sure to enter a valid email address. Click on “OK” and you’ll be able to download the song for free. This process is easy and  So, go ahead and upload some new cool bands and discover some awesome music!

Visit Bandcamp

YouTube Audio Library

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YouTube is a great place for music creators to share their content. If you want royalty-free and no-copyright music, all you have to do is visit YouTube’s Audio Library on the Creative Commons Music page.

These tracks are available without breaking any Youtube’s ToS, making it the perfect option for your needs. The best part about the YouTube Audio Library is that you don’t have to download music via a third-party tool.

All you need to do is click on the download link and they’ll be added directly below the audio, so you can just click play, download and listen. You can also use these free soundtracks in your monetized videos on YouTube if you want to add an attribution mentioned under the audio track.

Visit YouTube Audio Library

Live Music Archive

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The Internet Archive is an amazing resource that provides books, movies, songs, concert recordings, audio collections and more. What I love the most about Live Music Archive is that it has a smartly-designed interface that displays content by using classifications and tags.

You’ll find all your favorite music at Live Music Archive, from jazz to rock to 24-bit tracks! My favorite aspect of Live Music Archive is the flexibility you have when it comes to downloading music.

You can download your song in different formats, including FLAC, MP3, and M3U. And as for your safety, The Internet Archive has a solid record of assisting with copyright cases throughout their lengthy history and is considered legal.

Visit Live Music Archive


soundclick official download

SoundClick has a small library of songs, but it’s one of the few new places where people can download and listen to music for free and legally. SoundClick’s website is a community of aspiring musicians and bands, as well as those who crave good music.

It offers charts and playlists ranging from Hip Hop to Instrumental. SoundClick allows for the easy downloading of music and the distribution of a wide variety of other digital assets.

The beauty of SoundClick is that it also offers a social network where you can build friendships, share digital assets, and create blogs. If you’re looking for something more than digital downloads, an account with SoundClick is the best option!


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Looking for free music to use in your website, video, or app? Check out ccMixter. With more than 45,000 musicians and audio library available under the Creative Commons License for non-commercial use, you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re granted a commercial license from ccMixter then you can easily find the music you need for your project. There are no sign up requirements. Just open up the soundtracks page, click on “Download” and get your tracks right then!

The site curates tracks and playlists that adopt new trends in line with the latest ones.

Visit ccMixter


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As one of the leading music download websites, NoiseTrade not only offers high-quality downloads, but it also has high-profile musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, Alabama Shakes, and more.

By signing up with your email address and clicking on the “Download” button, you can download all the tracks in high-quality MP3 format. If you want to support an artist by donating to them, please feel free to click on the “Tip” button at the bottom of their profile screen.

Visit NoiseTrade

Free Music Archive

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Since 2009, the Free Music Archive has gathered millions of copyright-free music tracks that are available to anyone who wants them. It’s a valuable resource for any content creator, whether it be Ambient, New Age, Electro, or Instrumental, FMA has got it all.

If you’re a content creator, the Free Music Archive provides an excellent library of music tracks. You can download them, and use them in your media projects. It also collects featured lists of top-notch music tracks that have been curated by their staff based on user feedback.

All in all, it’s a fantastic resource if you’re interested in new and emerging soundtracks, which is available 24/7 for anyone with a browser.

Visit Free Music Archive

Amazon Digital Music


Amazon is home to more than 4,000 free soundtracks you can download for offline use. Just sign into your Amazon account and find the albums that are relevant to you. Be sure to check out songs from Ashaneen, Rich Barry, Foo Fighters, The Rizers, and more.

From classical and contemporary music to orchestra suites, there are plenty of great soundtracks that you can enjoy. Remember that the “free” tracks are only in MP3 format, so you may want to keep these things in mind when you’re looking for your next free download.

Visit Amazon Digital Music


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When it comes to free sites, Jamendo can’t be beaten. This online platform offers independent artists a place to stream their MP3 tracks and make them available for free.

There’s one catch though. To download the music, you need to create an account which is fair enough, I would say. Aside from that, it also provides royalty-free MP3s for commercial use which can be downloaded entirely for free!

If you’re looking for a free music platform, Jamendo is the one to go to. Music can be tough to find and download legally, but with Jamendo, you have access to curated playlists in almost all genres.

Visit Jamendo


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SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for indie bands to release their music and build their audience. Not only do you get access to unlimited songs from a wide range of genres, but you can also use SoundCloud as a free music download site as well. Some songs, however, cannot be downloaded from SoundCloud.

Searching for your favorite songs on soundcloud is simple, and on top of that, the “Download” or “Free Download” button will appear next to the song, making it easy for you to download. Be sure to follow all the rules in order to legally download free music!

Visit Soundcloud


How To Convert A Video To An Mp3 Song File?

There are digital tools and apps that allow users to convert videos to mp3. It’s really easy to convert video into mp3, just upload your video, choose the resolution and press the convert button.

How To Download Free Music?

Downloading music from websites that offer legal content is easy. All you have to do is head over to the song you’d like to listen to, find the “download” button and then click it! Be cautious of any other types of buttons or icons on the site, you might end up going somewhere else or getting yourself into a tricky situation.

How To Get Apple Music For Free?

Apple Music offers a free trial for three months, which is enough time to enjoy all of the benefits of the service before you need to make up your mind.


It can be hard to find quality legal and free music downloading sites. I’ve compiled a list of 10 great resources that offer both legal and free music downloads.

Whether you’re looking for an EDM song or classic opera, these sites have something for everyone. Give them a try next time you need some background music for your next project!

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