How to Open Blocked Sites in Office/College/School


How to open blocked sites is the most popular question specially asked by school students that’s why I came up with this article. There are many methods available to open blocked websites but I usually focus on those that are easy to implement. So I’m going to reveal two methods, If the first does’nt work then the second will definitely work. Actually both methods are working fine but the first method is too old, so I guess it may not work everywhere that’s why I decided to write the second one.

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How to open blocked sites ?

Method #1

In this method we are going to use microsoft’s inbuilt tool that is command prompt. You might be thinking how can we unblock websites using command prompt. The answer is quite simple we are going to ping the blocked site to get its original IP address and then we can easily open blocked site using IP address. Follow the below steps to unblock a site using command prompt.

  • Search for cmd and launch command prompt
  • Now type the following command

ping <site to be unblocked>
For example I want to unblock facebook so I’ll type

  • Now you’ll get a message as shown below-

Open Blocked Sites using cmd


Reply from XX.XX.XX.XX

  • copy the IP address (XX.XX.XX.XX)
  • Open your web browser and paste the copied IP address in your browser and hit enter.
  • Now you be able to access blocked website . Simple isn’t it ?

That was the first method which works pretty well and is also the most recommended method. In case if your school/office uses some kind of software to block the websites then the above method might not work. So if the method does’nt works then don’t panic follow the below method it will definitely work and you’ll be able to access blocked sites.

Method #2

In this method we are going to use proxy servers/sites. so first lets discuss how proxy sites works ? 
Proxy sites adds a new layer of IP address on your current IP in order to hide your identity. Read it again !
If you want to know more about proxy servers then you can checkout this article – Best Proxy Sites For School 2015

Now lets unblock website using proxy sites. Follow the below step to open blocked sites using proxy servers.

  • First of all visit
  • Now enter the website URL that you want to unblock.

Open Blocked Sites using proxy

  • Just click on Browse Anonymously and there you go, Site unblocked !

The reason I recommended first method was :

  • Many proxy sites are also blocked in schools / collages.
  • Some proxy sites are slow, thus takes time to load websites.
  • This is the most important reason, As proxy sites masks your IP address (Changes your location) so your social networking account may get temporary blocked because of accessing your account from another location.

Checkout my video on how to open blocked sites 

Hope this article helped you in accessing blocked sites in you school / collage or office. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask in comments.


  1. This method doesn’t work for me. Also free proxies/VPNs are just a pain in the neck. They use Transparent proxies which FYI isn’t anonymous because they forward your real IP address to the website you are connecting to. Services like Hide My IP use Elite proxies, which is absolutely secured in terms of anonymous browsing.


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